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Sow Butternut Squash

wpid-20150315_162348.jpgwpid-20150315_161759.jpgThis may seem very early to start growing squash, but it says on the packet that I can start sowing these, so that’s what I am doing (with the help of the heated propagator).

I have prepared a new bed in the garden that will be specifically for various squash this year. Lots of pumpkins, butternut squash, and other squash type fruits. We will see how the south-facing ‘bund’ does.

When sowing squashes or courgette, sow the seeds on their side, about 1.5cm deep, this should give them a hand when germinating.

Water in well, and if there is still a chance of a frost, keep them in the heated propagator until it passes.

Sow outdoors March to May (I chose to sow indoors in individual pots, to ensure I get good propagation in the heated propagator – these will then need to be hardened off to get used to the cooler temperature before planting out).

Plant out when big enough 90cm/ 3ft apart.

Harvest August to October



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