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Harvest Sprouting Brassicas


The Kale has also started flowering. All parts of Kale are edible, and delicious. Treat it the same as purple sprouting.


Purple sprouting brings colour to the plate, and is highly nutritious.

The Brassica have kept me in winter greens throughout the winter. They are an incredibly hardy plant that seem to thrive in the cooler conditions.

Lately though, the plants have started to look tired and stressed. As a result, they are starting to push out flowers. Tender young shoots and leaves that taste fantastic when par-boiled and thrown in a stir fry, or as a vegetable side to any dish.

The brocoli has been pretty much dormant all winter, and now brings a nice burst of colour to the veg patch and dish!

Simply cut off the tender shoots, leaves and all, and leave the main plant in the ground – you will probably find that it produces more heads of flowers. If the Kale has stared flowering, do the same with that.

All parts of these Brassica are edible, but you probably want to stick with the more tender parts of it.


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