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How to get the most out of your brassicas.


One of the Pak choi has multiple heads coming out of the original stem.

wpid-20150324_104551.jpgIf you can afford the space, when harvesting leafy Brassica, chop them off near to the ground, with a few leaves left attached to the stem – and leave the roots in the ground.

Quite often, a couple of weeks later, you will see a brand new baby version of the Brassica pop up out of the stem, giving you two crops from one plant.

The picture shows the Pak Choi that I harvested the other week, and I have quite a few new plants sprouting out of the stems. It’s doubtful they will ever get to a full-grown plant, but they will be tender and quite edible in a few weeks time.

You can also do this quite successfully with Cabbages, chinese greens, Broccoli and Kale, often getting two or more heads re-growing out of the one stem.

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