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How the end of March looks for me.

wpid-20150328_120712.jpgPersistent morning frosts have kept me from planting anything outside so far, apart from a few onions seeds that appear to have done nothing, and some beetroot, that still have time to germinate.

March is the month that every keen vegetable grower wants to get out and just do things. It often pays to wait  little longer, knowing that the seeds you sow a little later than usual will usually naturally catch up. However, I am not one for waiting, and because of this, the greenhouse has come in to it’s own this year.

Last month I started very early using the heated propagator, and it has paid off. It means that I have some well established young plants this month, that are already hardening off in the greenhouse.

The rather experimental Tomatoes that I sowed last month, were planted in to their final positions in the greenhouse, and covered religiously with a cloche whenever there was a threat of frost. All but one have survived, but the remaining tomatoes are looking a little sickly, and I can only put the yellowing of the bottom leaves down to frost damage.

The Pak Choi that I planted in September last year have kept on giving, but they have just started to bolt, and I left the successional sowing a bit too late to guarantee a continuous supply of them.

For the rest of the plants, there is plenty going on, and I only realised the other day that I seem to be having a pretty much brassica themed planting regime at the moment, with a few exceptions.

Quite a few of the Cauliflower plants are ready to be planted, and the moment I feel comfortable they will survive a frost, I will be popping them in the veg bed.

The cabbage plants are coming along nicely, and I have succession sown both the cabbages and cauliflower, so should have a good, regular supply of them.

The Peas are just starting to show, and once they are a good 7-8 inches tall, I will plant the modules in the veg bed. Hopefully I will get a good crop of them this year, as last year was a bit of a disaster.

The Celeriac have finally started to show, they seem to take quite a while to germinate.

The leeks are also starting to poke through the soil.

wpid-20150328_120810.jpgI was quite surprised to see the coriander doing so well. As they have, I have sown plenty more seeds, so I should have a good patch of coriander in the greenhouse.

The basil that I sowed in the propagator failed miserably, and ended up with black, diseased leaves, so I dumped the whole plant, and sowed some seeds directly into the greenhouse bed where I am hoping to have quite a few basil plants. We’ll see how they do. I think it may have been too humid in the propagator.

The Aubergine plants have done well considering, and I have just potted them on, as they started showing signs of stress. I don’t know if they will be particularly strong, as the leaves looked slightly wilted. I planted them way to early in the year, and having to keep them in the propagator for so long is probably not doing them any favours.

Other plants such as peppers and winter squash are looking very healthy. Even the cucumbers that I planted in to their final position in the green house are looking very healthy – we’ll see what happens if the cold weather persists!

I also popped to the garden centre the other day to ensure I have all the stocks such as tomato food and organic bug killer, ready for a very busy month indeed.

So March has been great for me, more successes than failures, and most of the failures are just simply down to my impatience. Also because of that, April will end up being a month of dodging the frosts.



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