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20140415-112902.jpgI was perplexed by this. The basil┬áthat seemed to be doing so well, suddenly, over night, started dying. I checked the roots for obvious signs of disease, or pests, but couldn’t see anything obvious.

Unfortunately, this plant did not make it, and as you can see had a sorry last day or two.

20140415-112913.jpgI suddenly remembered that a couple of days before I had fed the Basil with a tomato feed. This was a big mistake. Herbs do not particularly like fertile ground, they support themselves pretty well, and when I fed the plant, it reacted like this. The other plant that has just managed to scrape through, I rinsed the soil well with clean water, in the hope that I have washed most of the nutrients out. We’ll see how it goes. Just in case, I have sown more basil seed in the greenhouse.

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