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Harvest Peas

20140707-132028-48028101.jpgThe veg just keeps coming. The peas finally came on, despite a terrible start to the year. I haven’t got the best harvest, but enough to snack on while I am out in the veg patch, and certainly enough to add to a raw summer salad.

The picture is a little misleading. They actually look like giant peas, but I can assure you they are not.

Eaten as soon as they are picked, peas are wonderfully sweet. I don’t think I will have enough to warrant freezing them this year, but if I was going to, I would simply pod them, spread them 1 layer thick on the ice-cube tray in the freezer, allow to freeze, then bag them up in freezer bags. They’ll keep all winter, and provide good flavour to your winter dishes. They are one of the few veg that are almost as good from the freezer as they are freshly picked, as long as you get them in the freezer quick enough!

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