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Harvest apples


This year has not been the best year for our apples. A few lessons learned.

Firstly, we pruned them very heavily over the winter as they had been left to their own devices for too long by the previous occupants.

Secondly, we fertilised them with chicken manure- a no-no for fruit trees because of it’s high nitrogen.

And thirdly, we didn’t water the tress during our exceptional dry spell over this hot summer, for a prolonged 6 week period.


This all had its toll and most of the apples ended up with bitter-pit. A group of dark spots on each of the apples that, in some cases reached the core if the apple.

Unfortunately when cooking with them, it did leave a lasting bitter taste at the back of your mouth , ruining even the tastiest of desserts.
All three of the above mistakes contributed to a lack of calcium in the developing fruit, and the side effect of bitter-pit, we now know, was inevitable.

 Bitter-pit is caused by a lack if calcium during the fruits development.

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