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Broad bean chocolate spot

20140717-213853-77933297.jpgIt seems that every insect, every fungus, and every other type of life wants a piece of my veg this year. Everywhere I look there are yellowing leaves, chunks taken out of plants, and rotting fruit.

The latest is on my broad beans. It seems to have happened over night. Fortunately it is late enough in the season to not have affected the beans themselves.

This little shocker is a broad bean chocolate spot (I amended this from rust, as I had it correctly identified), a fungal infection specific to broad beans, carried on the wind.

I thought it may be Broad bean rust, but was corrected , another fungal infection specific to broad beans. Either way it needs to be dealt with.

20140717-213943-77983407.jpgIt seems to have affected the plant in a few ways. On the older plants(first planted back in March) , the disease has left black marks on the pods, and the leaves had turned all but black, with some rotting.

Thank goodness I spotted it when I did. I think any longer, and it would have started affecting the beans themselves.

I left the younger plants in the ground despite the chocolate spot on the leaves, Apparently I can leave this for now, but need to keep a close eye on the beans. If they start getting bruised, I must harvest the rest.

I can’t even compost the bean stalks now, as it could infect the compost heap.

20140717-213856-77936610.jpgHowever, on the plus side, I have had a great harvest, and the beans once blanched are delicious.


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