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Harvest Black Currants

20140719-170450-61490611.jpgWhat a bumper crop this year. Off the two bushes we have, we got 5.5 Kilo’s of black currants.

It’s a hell of a task though.

Before you set yourself this task, you need to make sure that you give enough time for both the picking and the tailing.

Pick a dry day, and prepare yourself for the task ahead. It’s monotonous, but worth every minute. When they are ripe enough, the currants should come off easily.

20140719-170447-61487412.jpgOnce you are happy that you have harvested all you need, the really tedious part begins. Put on the radio and try to zone out of what you are doing. You will need to remove the bits of stalk, leaves, insects and other bits from each of theĀ currants. With 5 kilos to deal with, it can take over an hour.
Rinse them well, and they are ready for use!

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