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Take hardwod cuttings

IMG_4420.JPGIf you’ve got fruit bushes or herbs, now is the time to take some hardwood cuttings from them. Hopefully next year you’ll have some good  healthy new plants growing on from them.

It couldn’t be simpler. Find some new growth from the year (usually a lighter coloured bark on the stem). Take a decent sized length.


Cut the base flat.

Cut it flat at the bottom, strip the leaves of the stem for a few inches. Cut the top at an angle (so any moisture simply falls off) and push the flat part of the stem either directly into the ground where you want your new plants, or in a pot filled with compost.If you are planting in the ground, ensure that drainage is improved by putting sand in a dug out gully directly beneath where you are planting the cuttings.

Make sure you water them on a daily basis. They will dry out very easily. Don’t worry too much if they look like they die off, give them time to recuperate, you’ll be quite surprised.


Cut the top at an angle to ensure any moisture falls off the tip to avoid disease.

Also, don’t expect any fruit from them next year. Let them establish, you may get a good crop the following year.

I plan on replacing the old fruit bushes I have got, as they are getting a bit out of control and nearly impossible to prune, but I wont remove them until I have well established plants to replace them.

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