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Plant onions

IMG_4471.JPGPlanting onions now will give you a crop of fat onions in June/July next year.

Be careful which Onions you plant. I have chosen Senshyu Yellow, a hardy variety that will quite happily start to grow before winter, and then pick up where it left off in the spring as soon as the soil starts to warm.

Always plant the onion sets the right way (pointed tip upwards) up to aid successful growing. If the are planted upside down, they tend to struggle.

I am trying a different planting method this time. Instead of rows of onions, I am planting groups of 4, with enough room between the groups for a hoe to get through.

The onions don’t seem to mind growing this close to each other, and as they have no resistance on the outside, just grow apart from each other as they push against themselves.

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