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Blackcurrant cordial

wpid-20150124_152339.jpgA summer time treat, and so easy to make. This refreshing drink is a wonderful way of using up the blackcurrants from the garden.

Makes about 1 litre of cordial.

1kg Blackcurrants
800g Granulated Sugar
250ml Water
Juice from half a lemon.

Place the blackcurrants in a heavy based pan, and bring to a steady simmer. Cook until the blackcurrants are tender enough to crush using a potato masher. Once they are sufficiently mashed, turn off the heat and allow to cool for a while so it's easy to handle. 
wpid-20150124_143204.jpgUsing a muslin cloth, drain the blackcurrants so you are left with a wonderfully glossy thick purple juice. 
Put the liquid back in the pan, and slowly bring back to a simmer.
Add the sugar and lemon juice, and simmer until the sugar has been completely dissolved.
Carefully decant into sterilised cordial bottles and make sure the lids are well sealed.
 This should keep for a good month or two.  Once opened, keep refrigerated.

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