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Keeping your crops free from stress

wpid-20150410_080444.jpgSome of my crops are starting to show signs of stress in the green house. It is simply down to the hot temperatures that are caused by the unseasonably sunny April days.

I’m not complaining! Not at all. I am thoroughly enjoying the weather, but some of the crops prefer cooler conditions, and don’t like the intense heat created in the greenhouse.

Some days it’s actually getting over 30C in there, and even I struggle to stay in there for any amount of time. Ensure that the crops that will struggle, like Brassicas and salad leaves – lettuce and pak choi etc are removed from the greenhouse and placed outside. If you don’t, the plants will get stressed and try to flower, making them bitter and tough before they really get chance to mature.

Alternatively, if you are confident that there are definitely going to be no more frosts, you can plant the seedlings in their final positions outside. With weather like this it is almost inconceivable that we could get another frost. I tend to prefer my seedlings to be larger when planting out, so they will stay outside in pots during the day to ensure they have a fighting chance when planted in their final position.

Signs of stress can vary from wilting, brown scorch marks around the edge of the leaves and complete discolouration of the leaves.

Other crops such as aubergine and chillies will love this extra heat!

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