More seed sowing in April.

wpid-20150417_123857.jpgI received my order of seeds from ‘The Real Seed Catalogue’. An incredible family run business in Wales, who pride themselves in producing non hybridised seeds from their very own crops. They also provide with each variety of seed, a comprehensive information leaflet, explaining how to save the seed if you should want too. They are a credit as to how well a small family business can do, in fact they are so successful that they even have to close their order page on their web page during busy times to ensure they can pack all the seeds that were ordered the previous week. I highly recommend them, and it is definitely worth waiting a couple of days before ordering if they are not currently taking the orders. It’s also nice knowing that any of the seed from them is not F1, so your crops should be consistent year on year if you do save your own veg seed.

wpid-20150417_124552.jpgSo, I have been busy again sowing some more seeds, a couple of which are more exotic, and are planned specifically for the greenhouse.

Last year I had a good success with growing melons. The were a small variety, but were so sweet and great as a dessert. So this year I am trying two varieties – that apparently grow well in Wales under glass.

The first is a Water Melon (I know, if I pull this off, I should go in to business!) Called ‘Blacktail Mountain’, and is a small early watermelon.

Next, ‘Five Desserts Large early Melon. A melon originally from Bulgaria that produces lots of large fruit – reportedly big enough to get 5 generous portions out of each.

wpid-20150417_123012.jpgAn early sweetcorn called Double standard that produces bicolor kernels. I’ve sown these 4 to a pot, with the intention of planting them in modules next to each other in the veg bed outside once the risk of frost has passed.

A winter Squash called Waltham Butternut, that produces a lot of ‘neck’ and little seed, with a rich flavour. These will end up outside in a bed dedicated to squash that’s south-facing.

More Cabbage – A Rouge Tete Noir Early Autumn, quick-growing Cabbage.

More CauliflowerAutumn Giant that produces large firm white heads, and should be ready to harvest late summer.

And Blue Kohl Rabi called Azur, a new veg that I haven’t gown before. I don’t even think I know what Kohl Rabi tastes like, so will look forward to this. It’s quick to mature, and should be ready in June/July (very quick!)

With all of the above I have sown them in pots in the greenhouse, just to ensure I have gemination. But the majority of them (apart from the sweetcorn and melons) should do fine being sowed direct in the beds outside as long as there is no risk of frost.


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