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Grow ginger from the supermarket

wpid-20150416_090901.jpgI have always wanted to try and grow my own Ginger. Aparently, it can be very easy.I simply got a decent sized ginger root, with a healthy sized ‘eyes’ and planted it in a large pot in the greenhouse. It’s important to keep it out of the direct sunlight, they prefer sheltered, but warm humid conditions. Under the plunge bed should be perfect. I’ve covered the root  with a few inches of soil, and will keep it watered on a daily basis.

It will take some time for it to be harvestable, so I will leave it this year. I’m quite looking forward to the plant, apparently it can be quite pretty. After the year, you should be able to shake the rhizome out of the pot, harvest and freeze what you need, and re-plant the remaining rhizome in some fresh compost.

Look at that! Free Ginger in a years time! (I hope)

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