New Strawberry plants – for free

A strawberry runner coming off the parent plant, with a new strawberry plant emerging.

We bought some cheap strawberry plants late in the season this year, and a couple of plants have done particularly well.
During the year, the plants will send out runners. Runners are essentially strawberry plant ‘umbilical’ cords. Along the runner, you will see small strawberry plants emerging. It doesn’t matter how old the parent plant is, each baby plant is a plant in its own right, so any that are saved and planted out for next year will produce fruit as if it is its first year, and we can take advantage of this.
There are a couple of main reasons for saving new Strawberry plants,
Firstly, Strawberries tend to last well for 3 years, then they start to decline. After 3 years, they will start to produce less fruit, and be prone to diseases.
Secondly, if you just want to increase the number of strawberries you produce each year, this is a cheap way of doing so, but it does take a little bit of planning, and patience.
Thirdly, strawberry plants make great small gifts for a fellow gardener, especially if you know the plant produces good fruit in your area.

This year, I am just looking at increasing the strawberries we are growing.

The new plants should set root after a month or so.

I used galvanised staples to keep the plants in situ, but a couple of stones would do the job.

Fill some small pots with peat free compost. Gently place the baby plants on top of the soil, and place something on each side of the runner to hold it securely in place. Leave the pots close to the plant, and somewhere it will not be disturbed easily. In a months time, check the baby strawberry plants to ensure they have put down roots. Once you can see that the roots have taken, it is then safe to cut the runner, and either plant the new plant or keep it for a later date to plant out. The plants are hardy, and should survive the winter. However if you do want to give them a head start, pot them on, and keep them in the greenhouse until late spring next year, then plant them out, and you should get strawberries earlier in the year.

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