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Skykomish Tomato

Skykomish tomato

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General Observations

The Skykomish is a large tomato, with some blight resistance. The plant itself has a sturdy, thick main stem and is easy to maintain.

I sowed these tomatoes at the beginning of March in some heated propagators. I have grown them both in the greenhouse and outside in the veg patch. The ones in the greenhouse got planted in their final position at the end of April (due to the cold spring), and the ones outside in May, to ensure there were no frosts to damage them. Although the ones outside did struggle in the beginning, they soon caught up with the greenhouse grown ones, mostly due to the unseasonably hot, dry weather we had during June/July. The ones outside also fared better with stress indicators. The ones under glass showed signs of yellowing and leaf scorch on the bottom most leaves, and needed feeding far more regularly (once a week at least) than the ones outside, possibly because I used a light compost that seemed to dry very quickly, and they ended up needing to be watered about 3 times a day due to the heat. The ones outside managed on only two general waterings a day.

This could be the reason that the greenhouse ones cropped more heavily than the outside ones, and although there were some signs of blossom end rot on some of the fruit in the greenhouse, it was nothing like the loss of fruit we had on the ‘Orange banana’ variety growing at the same time. The fruit finally started to ripen in the third week in July. Not good for the impatient. I would recommend growing some earlier varieties to see you through the beginning of the season. The fruit is a lovely orange colour, with a full bodied, slightly acidic flavour, perfect for any salad.

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