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Beating the pests during late summer sowings

I sowed some carrots and fennel the other week direct in to the soil, and the carrots to the most part seemed to be doing really well. Until recently, when the baby plants just seemed to start to disappear. I’m not sure which critter it is, could be slugs, or a hungry woodlouse, may be even birds plucking out the tender seedlings. What ever it is, I don’t want to be left without carrots over winter.

It’s still not too late mid July to get some carrot going(but it probably is the last chance), so not to be defeated, I have sown a load in a pot, safe from predators, also I have sown a load of fennel in separate small pots, and when strong enough, I will plant them out in their final positions in the raised bed to avoid seeing the fruits of my labour vanish.


Originally posted 2018-07-19 11:28:38.

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