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‘Planting out’ the tomatoes

20140407-135732.jpgSticking with the original plan for the greenhouse, I have put Compost bags on low shelves around the back and side of the greenhouse, and transplanted the tomatoes into their final postions. It isn’t really planting out as such, as it is under glass.

The tomato plants have done so well, they look very healthy. One set of tomatoes seem to have gone very slightly yellow (the supa roma), and I think it is because they were left in the pot slightly too long. This variety could use more nutrients than the others at this early stage.

I watered them in well, and very soon I will start to feed them with a seaweed feed.


The tomatoes will be in growbags this year at the back and side of the greenhouse. In the foreground, you can see the frame that I have put up for the butternut squash when they get planted out in May.

I made sure that I put the supports in the ground before planting the plants, to avoid damage. I have tied the supports with string to the ceiling of the greenhouse so when the tomatoes get heavy, they wont pull them over.



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