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Sowing Courgette

20140415-113031.jpgLooking at the posts from last year, it looks like I was well ahead of the game. I had already got seedlings of courgette, and was about ready to pot them on.

However, I planted those out under glass, and they did very well, very early in the year, but soon ran out of gusto. So when people were still harvesting their courgette late into summer, ours had well and truely gone.

This year, I will be planting 2 plants in the greenhouse, but also some outside in the veg bed so we get an even longer season. You can save a bit of space with courgettes by creating a frame for them to climb up. They dont necessarily climb of their own accord, but with a bit of persuation, they will happily hang from the plant. It gives a little extra protection from slugs too.

Ive sown these in pots, in the greenhouse. With this wonderful weather they will soon germinate.

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