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Sow Cucamelon

20140415-113005.jpgLast year I went to an open day at the botanic gardens in Wales, where guest speaker, James Wong gave a talk about vegetable growing.

It was inspiring, and he talked a great deal about varieties that are still grown today in the UK, that are incredibly hard to grow, such as celery and cabbage, and potatoes. His principle was that the vegetable garden has not changed much since the days of ‘dig for victory’, and a lot of the vegetables that were grown then have become pest and disease susceptible.

He spent a couple of years researching vegetables and fruits that grow very easily in the UK, that can be pretty resistant to resident pests and diseases, and that love our climate. Apparently the ‘Cucamelon’ is one such fruit.

It’s a perennial, meaning it will last for a good few years once established, and produces a small melon type fruit that has a taste of cucumber, and can be used in salads. I simply got this in my goody bag at the open day, and I am very keen to find out what they are like.

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