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Planting out the brussels sprouts

20140502-221252.jpgThe brussels sprouts are looking very healthy, and a quick check has shown that they are just about to get pot-bound, time to plant them out in their final position.

Before doing that, I ensured that the bed they were going in had a good thick layer of compost, and that the plants would be protected. I constructed a frame using old water pipes, and covered it in a net to prevent butterflies from getting on the plants, and laying their eggs.It also ensures that hungry birds dont peck at the healthy leaves.

Carefully, I dropped the plant out of their pots, and put them in ready dug holes in the final bed. I ensured I firmed them well – brussels sprouts in particular like firm soil, it encourages tight brussels, and ensures that the plants dont get blown over in strong winds.






Once planted, I gave a good sprinkling of chicken manure, brassicas like good fertile soil.

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