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Sow Butternut squash

20140506-125016.jpgOne of my favourite vegetables, and hopefully I will have a bumper crop, as I did last year.

It’s early in May, but the weather has been incredibly good this year, so I have bitten the bullet and sown plenty of these butternut squash.

They did great in the greenhouse last year, so I will be repeating that again this year. On top of that I will see how well they grow outside by planting two butternut squash┬áin a ‘Three sisters’ patch as an experiment. The idea being that the butternut squash will form the lowest layer,mounge tout the second layer, and sweetcorn as a climbing frame for the mange tout, all from the same patch.

20140506-125009.jpgEnsurer that the seeds are planted on their side, this will encourage germination, and assist the seedling to grow upwards. They tend to be quite quick at germinating like courgette and cucumbers.


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