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Problem with Peas

20140506-124948.jpgAnother problem that I’ve had. The Peas that I had sown in the garden ended up disappearing.


If you look closely, you can see the foot prints left in the soil, where there used to be peas!

The day after I had sown them, little foot prints were visible on the surface of the soil. Either a bird had come along and taken them out, or a mouse. I think it was a bird.

To try and sort this problem out, I have come up with what might be a good idea.

I got some large pots, and planted loads of seeds in each. Making sure the soil was pushed firmly into the pots.

This way, I will end up with ‘Modules of seeds, that I can simply tip out and place the whole lot, soil and all into the veg patch when the peas are big enough to be out of harms way. ingenious? – Maybe…

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