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Leaf Scorch

20140613-161824-58704770.jpgUnfortunately this picture is not showing what leaf scorch looks like very well.

I’m amazed that my sweet pepper plants even get this.

I noticed it earlier in the year when I had the plants on my windowsill, and after a succession of sunny days one of the plants leaves started turning a speckled black.

I left it to one side, and it recovered very well. Now, we have the sun back, and these are planted in the glass house, so little respite for them. A few of the leaves are starting to show signs of stress, and dark areas are showing where the sun is catching them .

I’m hoping it wont affect the plants too much, as they are just starting to produce the fruit.

Today, in the heat, some of the leaves are also starting to curl. I have misted them (as well as the tomatoes etc) using the fine mist setting on my hose.

Otherwise, simply covering the plants with a fine mesh should help protect them.

Originally posted 2017-06-13 15:41:11.

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