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Potato blight

20140624-092959-34199913.jpgThe dreaded blight has struck my first earlies. I have quite a few potatoes, but some are infected with this horrible disease.

There really is no mistaking it. First the leaves turned yellow, then they drooped – I’ve a feeling that the blight was already in the compost I have been using (bought in), as it seems to have affected the tubers – then the leaves.

It was either in the compost, or the tubes thatI have put them in have created the perfect environment for the fungal spores to grow.

I have chopped all the leaves down to the soil, in the hope it doesn’t spread any further. As the potatoes are each in their own tubes, I am really hoping that the others escape.

The only thing to do with infected potatoes is to burn them and the leaves, the spores of the blight are airbourne, so try to move the infected material on a still day, and not up wind of your greenhouse, otherwise you could unwittingly spread it to your greenhouse tomatoes

Do not put the cuttings on your compost heap – you will end up spreading it year after year throughout your garden..

Ensure anything that comes into close contact with the blight is thoroughly washed before using on other crops. Especially hands!

What a great pitty. The tubers that have survived are really tasty.


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