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Looking after your plants in the greenhouse

20140624-115726-43046937.jpgIt’s a hot sunny day, and your plants are in need of good care. If you forget to water them, they could become stressed and start flowering, making their edible leaves taste bitter. If you need them to flower, the fruits could ripen too soon, giving you smaller,lower quality crops, here are a few tips to help you keep up with the chores.

If you know it’s going to be a hot day, ensure you water the greenhouse floor when watering your crops first thing in the morning – this will keep the greenhouse humidity up, and slightly lower the temperature. This helps to keep leaf scorch down (although doesnt cure it!)

Open the green house windows and doors:

20140624-115559-42959903.jpgEnsure that you get good ventilation through the greenhouse, especially if you have had a run of hot weather. This ensures good airflow between plants, which will discourage dampening off and other funguses attacking your plants.

Water your crops regularly – I tend to water mine first thing in the morning, and once in the evening. This is for no other reason than convenience. It is an urban myth that watering during the day can scorch leaves. Do keep a close eye on the dampness of the soil – it can look dry on the top, but still be soaking underneath. You have to keep a good balance.

Mist your greenhouse on hot days:

20140624-115725-43045289.jpgThis also brings the humidity level up, and helps to cool the interior of your greenhouse.

If possible, cover your windows with a dark material to keep the direct mid-day sun off tender leaves.

Regularly feed your plants:

For show stopping, healthy, tasty vegetables feed your plants. I was amazed at the difference it made from one year to the next (I hardly fed them at all last year, this year the production is up!)

20140624-115558-42958373.jpgI feed them once a week. Always follow the instructions on the bottle!

Use a simple feed like seaweed (a great all round favourite!), or a specialised feed for your tomatoes if you want great results. despite what it says on the container, I always water the feed over the plants. They absorb a lot of nutrients through the leaves, as well as roots, and the feed will not do any damage to the plants.


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