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Harvest Courgette

20140624-115426-42866134.jpgCourgette seem to be one of the most popular summer vegetable.

I guess the simple reason is they are so easy to grow, and high yielding – if I am lucky, I may still be harvesting these in August.

However simple they may be, there are some delicious recipes out there, and rather than just throwing them as a token veg in your stir fry, make a delicious vegetable side dish or salad with ease. If you google 101 things to do with a courgette, you could spend a lot of time looking and not eating. Do yourself a favour and experiment with these versatile vegetables. (even have a look at the chocolate courgette cake I made last year – a real winner!)

Simply cut the stem. They will keep in a refrigerator for a good few days. But they are best eaten as soon as possible, and the younger the better – otherwise they start getting seedy and tough.


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