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Harvest red currants

20140706-134434-49474752.jpgIt’s been a bumper year for the currants. I covered them with a net a month or so back, to ensure that the birds didn’t take too many. Regardless, the black birds found their way in under the nets, and successfully removed their fair share of them. It just didn’t matter. The bush produced a huge amount of glistening red, plump jewels.

This has been the second harvest this year. Leaving the slightly un-ripened fruit after the first harvest, and giving it a couple of weeks to ripen. We have managed to harvest about 4kg of fruit from this one bush alone.

It’s a job that takes a zen like state, as it will take you hours to remove the currants, then process them again to make sure they have no stems or bits attached to them before bagging up and freezing them.

It is absolutely worth it. These, rather tart, currants are much more versatile than people think, they are not just for Christmas! Last year I made some fantastically refreshing red currant ice cream , something I will be repeating this year. I have also discovered a recipe for a red currant tart on All Recipes that is incredibly easy, and very tasty! A great way of using up the excesses of summer fruit. Another summer favourite is red currant cordial, another very easy recipe that I will be posting on here very soon.


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