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Harvest Broad Beans

20140706-134430-49470789.jpgIt’s that time of year again. When the Broad beans start to fatten up, you know it’s prime Harvesting time. This indicates to me a glut of food, and time to start prepping for preserving your long – awaited veg.

What could be nicer that going to your garden at lunch time and preparing a plate of freshly picked vegetables? Broad beans give a great backbone to many fresh plates of food.

You know the broad beans are ready when you can feel the bean’s shape in the pods. They should be fat and when opened, the beans should still be a light green colour and not too bitter to taste (if picked too early, the outer shell of the bean will be bitter – if you have the time, you can still shell the individual beans, and eat the sweet inner bean.) It is a bit of a balancing act, as if left too long, the beans outer shell will become leathery, and a pain to cook with, as you will have to shell them before putting them in your food.

Broad beans seem to be considered an old mans vegetable, well, yes I am an older man now, and yes, I seem to have developed a taste for them. Probably because I have great pleasure in growing them – they are easy to grow, and provide a good harvest.

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